Liquid Soap Sticks

Appearance: Viscous liquid, tan/natural in color - encased in an extruded polymer tube


  • A method to apply a very high concentrate foamer to the flow path of gas wells
  • Can be a very beneficial treatment verses batch treating by pump truck
  • Effective application for wells producing high volumes of water
  • Possible advantage for horizontal wells as pressures decrease

Note: this is a very high activity product. It is contained in a reinforced extruded polymer tube.
Shelf life of approximately three months can be expected.

Shipment: This product is packaged in a sealed 3" x 15" plastic bag. The LQ-80 is shipped in
plastic containers only and well insulated against shipping damage.

Sizes available: 1-1/4"x15" or 1 -1/4" x 10" - other sizes available with notification.